Transformational Coaching for Soulpreneurs

As a soulpreneur you possess a unique mission to fulfill in this world.

The path of a soulpreneur is unlike any other. And no soulpreneur is the same. We are all unique, having different life stories. Yet, the challenges that we are facing in this world are similar.

I know how much your heart is craving to create a life and business that aligns with your deepest values, passions, and purpose.

This spark that lights your soul when you are speaking about your passion… For me, it’s nothing more satisfying than seeing and hearing someone speaking with so much energy and excitement. I true blessing.

However, life is not just rainbows and butterflies and as humans we are here on the planet Earth to grow through challenges. And our life experiences shape our reality. 

If we are aware of it, or not.

Everyone nowdays is talking how important it is to be authentic. 

And if you have already started to follow your authenticity, or you are just thinking to go this way,  you soon realize this is not the easiest path to walk on.

Is it worth it? For me absolutely, because after you once experience the freedom of the heart and soul, it’s hard to even think of going back to the old “the normal” life.

Is it easy? Depends. For some it is, for me, was not at all. Let me explain.

I’m the black sheep of my family. I’m going against everything they believe in. I’m still reminded occasionally how much stress I give to my family members because I am not living the way they expect me to live. 

Silently they are hoping my “sanity” will meet me again, and I’ll get a normal job and stop giving them grey hair. Isn’t it funny how even though they don’t pay for anything, they still feel entitled to create my life under their standards.

So, do you still remember what I said about life experiences shaping our realities? 

My subconscious mind was packed with limiting believes, self doubt and harsh inner voice when I decided to follow the path of authenticity.

Unfortunately of fortunately, I know how painful it can get when you go against your family values, unspoken rules and wows, the rules that should never be broken.

When you experience societal pressures, criticism, and judgements, from the people you would expect the most support from. 

And if you are a sensitive soul, this can impede your progress and prevent you from fully embracing our true potential.

How? Well this comes us in various shapes or forms, but usually it is a self sabotage in some way. You can’t define why are you doing or not doing some things and where are these behaviours coming from and you don’t know how to stop them. You have no clue how to break these patterns. The more you try to be different from your family the more you realize you are the same.

Let me give you some examples:






That’s where transformational coaching steps in.



I specialize in offering you the support and guidance needed to overcome these hurdles, empowering you to break free from limitations and create a life aligned with your deepest desires.

Together, we work through the barriers that have kept you from pursuing your dreams, unlocking your inner strength and igniting a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.

Are you facing with any of these barriers?


  • Feeling deeply stuck and unable to move forward
  • Dealing with feelings of insecurity and fear that keep you from taking action
  • Struggling with anxiety and feeling disconnected from your intuition and inner guidance
  • Getting caught up in overthinking and feeling overwhelmed
  • Procrastination and difficulty making decisions or completing tasks
  • Feeling overloaded with fears and worries about the future

I help you to solve problems that seem unsolvable.

Clients come to me and start telling me their problems, which are not problems at all. They are the actually the symptomps, manifestations of the core problems, which are masked and hidden away from our conscious mind, until we get the awareness of what is going on under the surface.

my joyflow

The more you think about your challenge,
the less you understand how, and why you can't break free from it?

  •  I help you find the root cause of your current problem.
  • Together we quickly, safely, compassionately and lovingly process and heal unpleasant emotions and events that burden you and block you from living your JoyFlow.
  • You will be able to easily move forward in the direction of your authentic expression and live a life worth living.

The most common pain points of my clients:

  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of failure
  • Finding your unique purpose
  • Balancing personal and professional life
  • Dealing with societal pressures and expectations
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and mindset blocks
  • Managing time and energy effectively
  • Building confidence and self-worth
  • Navigating through uncertainty
  • Aligning your business with your values and authentic self

What to expect when partnering with me

In my work, I approach coaching with a heart-centered focus. I use various modalities like EFT, somatics, inner child work, mindfulness, energy psychology, embodiment and Reiki.

I’m a trauma informed coach, providing you a safe space to heal limiting beliefs, release unpleasant emotions, feelings, and traumatic memories.

I believe that true breakthroughs come from taking the time to heal the past and create new beliefs that align with your vision for a life filled with joy and purpose.

Rather than just focusing on getting from point A to B (typical coaching), I prioritize creating lasting transformation for my clients. In my sessions you can expect 70% clearing what is limiting your way forward, and 30% focusing on embodying the new version, that supports your future.

I create a loving, compassionate space where you can process even the most difficult emotions. I believe this is the key to lasting transformation.

With me, you can be fully yourself – no judgement, no shame. I welcome all your emotions, they are all divine messengers!

My goal is to guide you towards inner peace, self-acceptance and self-love. These will be your new foundations from where you can make empowered decisions and create a fulfilling life.

As someone who has studied business sciences and understands the pressures of the business world, I know how isolating it can be when people don’t understand your dreams and ambitions. They want to put you in the box.

I’ve experienced the exhaustion of feeling judged and held back from living a life filled with enthusiasm, courage, and purpose.

That’s why I take a holistic approach, recognizing the connection between mind, body, and heart.

I’m constantly learning and upgrading my knowledge. I’m driven by my curiosity to help you feel more empowered, satisfied, and joyful.

I walk the walk, testing everything I teach on myself first.

Are we the right fit?

As a recovering overthinker myself, I know you are a smart soul and perfectly capable of finding all the resources about strategies yourself.

What are we often lacking as overthinkers, is slowing down, paying attention to our feelings and body sensations and giving our soul a safe place to express, feel, process and heal without any judgement.

If we partner together it’s important that our values match:

  • Authenticity
  • Freedom
  • Growth mindset
  • Respect
I feel called to offer you a safe place for:
  • deep healing with love and compassion, and
  • empowerment and embodiment.

Andreja has helped me find ease and flow in my academic and personal life. Whatever I bring to our sessions, she always seems to know how to help me leave feeling lighter and better able to approach any challenges with more clarity and often a new, more helpful perspective. Andreja is a kind, empathetic listener with a great sense of humour. Through her ability to build rapport and her transformational coaching skills, Andreja has provided a space for me to experience deep healing.

Co-Founder of Animal Charity

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