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Video Review: Coralee, Canada | Native Healer, Reiki Master & Lightworker

I have worked with Andreja to gain some clarity around a number of personal issues that were affecting my professional work with my own clients. I really value how Andreja will encourage me back into my own body to feel for the most relevant thing in the moment before moving out into the issue, whether that is a present issue or a traumatic issue from the past. Andreja has tremendous empathy and sensitivity and has helped me to make some transformative changes. I would recommend her to anyone needing to feel safe and held in the journey being embarked upon.
Tricia, UK
I worked with Andreja for more than half a year, and I have made enormous progress during this time. It's much easier to me to positively motivate myself, relax, listen to my body and chase old patterns and thoughts which kept me away from living more quality life. Andreja's way to use tapping helped me to regulate my anxiety and cope with stress much more efficient. She has empowered me with her knowledge and helped me in the most difficult moments, for what I am immensely grateful! Her coaching sessions are always full of aha moments, laughing, crying, yawning ;). She has taught me how to use EFT whenever I will find myself in a stressful situation. She taught me acceptance of situations and people, acceptance of myself, love, compassion and patience towards myself. Andreja, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm looking forward to book new sessions with you.
MSc Language Education
Andreja has helped me find ease and flow in my academic and personal life. Whatever I bring to our sessions, she always seems to know how to help me leave feeling lighter and better able to approach any challenges with more clarity and often a new, more helpful perspective. Andreja is a kind, empathetic listener with a great sense of humour. Through her ability to build rapport and her transformational coaching skills, Andreja has provided a space for me to experience deep healing.
Hannah, UK
Animal Charity Co-Founder