Hi, I'm Andreja!

A Transformational Coach &
An Energy Healer

Are you losing your mind trying to break the old patterns?

I understand what it’s like to feel like you’re losing your mind trying to break free from old patterns. Life hasn’t always been a fairy tale for me either.

Struggling to achieve my goals, constantly trying so hard to be different from my family and live a meaningful life that aligns with my own values and desires, experiencing burnouts, rejections …

I’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy pushing myself towards my goals, but often ending up exhausted and joyless at the end.

By trying so hard to be successful and productive all the time, keeping myself busy day and night, I pushed myself to my energy limits and beyond. I was driven by societal expectations of what success looks like, completing one goal only to immediately set another one. And then it hit me.

When I was lying in bed, all burned-out, I started questioning all of it.

I’ve always admired those who make their dreams come true effortlessly. “Why do I have to struggle for my wins?”, I was jealous and resentful. The idea of “ease” has stayed with me for years, sparking a quest to find the path to a life of natural flow and joy, without constant struggle.

And it’s been a never-ending journey of self-discovery, delving into my shadows and embracing the ongoing processes. As long as we live, there are lessons to learn, with new ones emerging just as we master the old.

I’ve experienced my fair share of rejections, toxic relationships, unpleasant situations and business “failures”. I’ve felt like I was always either never enough or too much, never fully accepted as I am by others, or even by myself.

Most of my life I have been misunderstood, and have received countless critics and advice on how to behave and what to do in order to be accepted. Even though one part of me has deeply wanted to be accepted by my parents, society and bosses,

my soul has chosen the path of lifelong learning, growth, self-love, and self-acceptance.


A path of Authenticity.

I have a profound belief in the uniqueness of every individual’s path and desires. It is through these deep-seated desires that the Universe unveils our inherent potential, guiding us towards our true calling.

However, it is often the case that we become trapped in societal pressures, leading us to overlook our deepest longings and intuitive instincts.

As we grow older, we frequently disconnect from our intuition, dreams, and end up choosing to settle for a mediocre life, while our souls gradually diminish under the weight of societal and global judgment.

And one day we realize that …

  • we lost that spark in our eyes, that playfulness and curiosity for life,
  • we feel numb, deeply stuck and paralyzed, can’t see anything beautiful in our life anymore,
  • we are insecure and frightened, caught in a freeze mode that prevents us from moving forward in any direction,
  • anxiety clouds our thoughts, making it difficult to hear our heart’s desires and intuition clearly,
  • we find ourselves constantly overthinking and unable to get out of our head,
  • procrastination has become a common pattern in our life, and we are delaying important decisions and tasks,
  • we feel overwhelmed and burdened by fears of what could go wrong, and overall future uncertainty …

If any of above resonates with you,
I'm here to help you
break free from these limitations.


My approach is heart-centered, meaning I focus on supporting you in connecting with your authentic self, embracing self-love and self-acceptance, and rediscovering your inner wisdom and intuition.

I believe that you have the power within to heal and transform your life, and live authentically with joy, ease, and flow.

I am here to walk alongside you on your journey of self-discovery and growth, providing guidance, support, and a compassionate heart.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and unlock your fullest potential.

You deserve to live a life that is true to you, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

Let me support you on your transformational journey.

You don't have to do it alone.

Educational Background

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certification: Advanced Practitioner Level 3 ~ 2024

– Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki I & II ~ 2023

– Jose Silva Ultramind certificate ~ 2022

– EFT International Accreditation: Accredited EFT Practitioner ~ 2022

– EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certification Practitioner Level 2 ~ 2021

– Mindfulness Training ~ 2020

– Access Bars Certification ~ 2019

– MSc in Management 2018 ~ (Master Thesis in Business Coaching)

– Continuing Coach Education (CCE) in Business Coaching ~ 2015

– ICF International Coaching Certification ~ 2015

Published Author in: HRM Magazine, Izzivi Managementu (Slovenian Academy of Management)

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Some fun facts about me:

  • Slovenian
  • Human Design: Manifestor 5/2
  • Well travelled – 32 countries, mostly backpacking
  • I’ve lived in 5 countries: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, United States and Mexico
  • Foodie
  • Sunset lover
  • Don’t support spiritual bypassing
  • Dancer (salsa, bachata & brazilian zouk)