Afformations for Soulpreneurs

Afformations for soulpreneurs

Are you ready to step into your power and expand your horizons?


You know, I’ve created these afformations firstly to help myself. I tried working with affirmations before. Many many times… And even though I had listened to them every single day, they haven’t changed my core beliefs, which had been running in my subconscious mind. For instance:

I don’t deserve success, I’m not made to be enterpreneur and earn big money, money is evil, I can’t trust others etc.

Probably you know what am I talking about.


This was a hard pill to swallow. So, I was kind of forced to find another way. And this is when the knowledge of afformations or askirmations had come to me.

I started to use them, and I soon realized: “Wow, that really works.” It works because you start to look for solutions and opportunities. Your perspective widen.

You start to see the world differently. You see the opportunities around you which help you on your way to accomplishing your goals.

But …


What AFFORMAIONS acctualy are?


Afformations are a powerful tool for transforming your mindset and manifesting your dreams. Unlike affirmations, which are positive statements that you repeat to yourself, afformations are empowering questions that you ask yourself.


Afformations work by bypassing the conscious mind, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for our rational, logical thinking.

Did you know that when we use affirmations, we are essentially trying to convince our conscious mind of something that we may not fully believe to be true?

If our subconscious mind is holding onto negative beliefs that are counter to our affirmations, they simply won’t work.

That’s why affirmations usually don’t work.


Afformations, on the other hand, work by asking empowering questions that direct our subconscious mind to seek out evidence to support positive beliefs and outcomes.

By asking a question that presupposes a positive outcome, we are giving our subconscious mind a clear directive to focus on what we want to achieve, rather than what we fear or doubt.

Let me give you an example.


Instead of saying “I am confident and successful,” which our conscious mind may reject if we are struggling with self-doubt, we can use an afformation like “Why am I so confident and successful?” This question presupposes that we are confident and successful, and directs our subconscious mind to seek out evidence to support this belief.



I’ve created the “Afformations for Soulpreneursaudio MP3, a free tool especially designed to help beautiful souls like you and me, to break through limiting beliefs, reconnect with our innermost desires, and see the opportunities to create and thrive in a business that is aligned with our heart and soul.

By connecting with our heart-centered vision and opening to the posibilities, we can manifest the abundance  which is our birthright.



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 Dear fellow soulpreneur,

I see you. I understand that the journey of an entrepreneur can be filled with ups and downs, uncertainties, and fears that can hold us back from creating the business and life we truly desire.

But I also know that you are capable of achieving your wildest dreams.

I strongly believe you have been given these dreams for a reason, it’s no a coincidence for sure.

The Universe wants to manifest them through you, and I’m here to support you on this journey.


Thank you, Andreja for creating this audio. I listen to it every day right before going to bed and I'm still surprised at how many new ideas I've got so far. I will be forever grateful.